I finally got it!

Something I have dreamed of for a while now.

No, not a new knife set! Or my old one sellling (which it did, and I did fare it well!)

I. Got. A. Sleep. In.

When I say “sleep in”, I mean I was still woken at Supid O’Clock by crying baby and a husband that wasnt’ in my bed, and a nine year old that wasy, and woken again at 6am ish by aforementioned baby, and demanded sleeping 9 year old go deal with it, then half an hour later by 7 year old who decided he needed to climb into bed with us and put cold bits on everyone and bounce around a lot, and then listened to them “quietly” plotting and scheming when I told them to go watch some TV or play Wii or climb a tree or chase cars or something that a) wasn’t in my bed, b) wasn’t in the vicinity of my bedroom and c) that I couldn’t hear.

I was allowed to lie in my bed, undisturbed for some hours.

Abscence of husband was partly due to fact that when he got home from work he found 9 year old lying in his spot, a result of said child deciding he needed to read with me, and as I was feeling crap I fell asleep before him, therefore, didn’t tell him to go to his bed. As I didn’t actually communicate this to him, it was then, apparently, ok for him to stay in my bed because “You never told me!”

It was also partly, I think, due to the unbelievably hard work I put into getting this sleep in.

It commenced two weekends ago, when, again not well, I requested a sleep in, in a manner I felt was fairly explicit and considered I had communicated this message well. Apparenlty “I really, really need a sleep in. I’m not feeling well, and if I can just have a few hours uninterrupted sleep tomorrow morning, it would be greatly apprecaited” then provided a list of activities that could

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