I got stuck on top of a bridge, and that's why I was home 7 hours late

Up early, sadly not having had a fabulous sleep. It was, however, not all bad; no kids, no snoring, and no being farted on.


Hopped in a taxi, where we sent a text to Coke Dude with our coffee orders, only to be told “bad, stay up late mummies don’t get coffee!” I have no idea who he was referring to, as it would never have been us.

Into the new presentation room, where we are informed we are the very first to have been presented to in the room and feeling very special, we lie back on the couch – as it was designed for – and got to watch the visual presentation in a lying-y down position as the visual bit was displayed on the roof.

Thankfully, it was an enthralling and exciting presentation, as the lie-y down state of us could have easily resulted in a somewhat sleepy-y state.

It was then off to the Sydney Cricket Ground where we caught up with the Expedition 206 Happiness Ambassadors (whose job it is to travel the wold and find out what makes people happy) and a bunch of awesome people and just as awesome underprivileged kids from Beyond Empathy

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