I Guess This is Growing Up: Maturing Crushes

I felt I should use this date to post about the New Year and all the other guff that goes with such aspiration and inspirational mutterings that go ahead this year.

And then because I felt I “should” I thought

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  1. Funny, I knew exactly who you were going to say… has the best character actor for sure… historical make over, hilarious!

    although I prefer the guy who plays Henry the 8th… he also plays Caesar, and the non balls judge on historical master chef.

    yum yum!

  2. That is so absolutely hilarious. I have had a crush on this HH guy and it is so bad I do watch horrible histories when my girls are staying over at their father’s house. I also quite like the chubby guy and not sure quite why. Actually I think all HH blokes all pretty hot. The combination of funny, smart, all-singing all-dancing, will to make a complete tosser of yourself is obviously a winner.

  3. Jim Howick his name is 🙂 Ummm …. not that, you know I spend all my time researching and shit o.O

    He’s just brilliantly talented and very funny. I think he’s the best cast member of the lot. Brilliant.

    Glad it’s not just me with the insatiable lust! LOL

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