I Had a Dream – Support for Mums

When I started Real Mums, simply as an online community for a bit of fun whilst I went out and got a real job, I wasn’t really prepared for where it would go or what would happen.

I was at a low, not my lowest, but low, had survived a relatively serious depression, survived the terrible twos, and the fuckawful threes, and was entering my second bout of experience with a two year old.

I needed support from those who not only understood how horrible two- and three-year-olds, and parenting in general, can be at times, but who were also not afraid to say it out loud. There was nothing about, so I created it. It was a hit. It still is.

As the community grew, and I was able to indulge in a little passion of mine, writing, things got bigger and took up more of my time, and it became my “real job”. It also highlighted just how many mums were in need of support, at various levels and the ideas for all kinds of things I

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