I hate it when that happens

Sore chest spread to entire body and was in bed early last night.

Everything hurt, even when I didn’t cough. I hate this.

Especially when mind wants to do stuff that isn’t lying around doing nothing.

At least can eat.

Am, however, now dubious about mind. Removed one of 7 packs of Weetbix from cupboard (one of those things where it’s not on the list, but you get to the supermarket and go “hmm, the container is nearly empty, do we have a spare packet” and totally can’t remember that you do, so you buy one, and get home and find that you’ve done that same thing for the last 6 shops…).

Open packet and discover plastic inner packet thing that contains the weetbix is sealed. Hmm, I think to myself, I always thought they were just folded over, and had long covnersation in my befuddled head about the merits of plastic insert packet thing for Weetbix being sealed.

Stand there holding the pack, and get into out loud conversation with Godzilla about letting Chippie out and eating and/or throwing cat food, when Weetbix work their way out of the packet from the folded over bit that I though this particular packet was lacking. No, just lacking from the angle I was holding it at. Usually it’s at the top, just when you hold it upside down.

Pick up 1.3 kg of Weetbix from floor … contemplate going back to bed at 7.23 am

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