I have the power

Arrive home at just before midnight last night, to discover older two children still not home, having apparently organised a sleepover for themselves at friend’s house.

Quietly entertain resentment that I finally have a great night out and he manages to shirk his fatherly duties, without even trying.

Out for breakky with hubby and Chippie, and go and collect children from friend’s house.

Attempted maniupulation to either stay longer or have friends over to our place. Sensed extreme overtiredness and prevented any further discussion by commencing the Extraction Process, whereby I indicated, several times, the need to leave, and walked out the door some 47 minutes later. I record, I believe.

Arrive home and attempt “quiet time” for entire family, which no-one seems able to co-ordinate. Monkey Boy, after some minutes rest, gets his second wind and proceeds to cut my head off with makeshift lightsabre, constructed from the stick part of a cheapo plastic trident, the handle from a Bob the Builder screwdriver and kilometres of sticky tape.

He then aids me in removing the bandaids covering blisters on my heel, ripping them off as quickly as possible and attempting to

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