I heard you the first time


Godzilla is driving me nuts!

I ask and I ask and sometimes I wonder if he’s really deaf or hard of hearing and not just being obtuse and obstructive.

I asked 17 times for him to get his bathers on for swimming.

A similar number for shoes.

I told him 5 to get in the car. After I’d asked about 6.

And then, when it was time to go to school, I asked him to get dresed so we could leave. At least 13 times.

I even yelled several times.

Its not like he was distracted. He wasn’t playing or even in another room. I was looking him in the eye.

“Please put your pants on so we can go.

“Pants on now, please.

“Urgh. Get your pants on NOW we are GOING!”

“I know. You just asked me three times.”


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