I knew they had a purpose

Swimming today with Godzilla, so dropped Monkey Boy off at school and off we went.

As Godzilla usually wears his bathers – board shorts – to the pool, along with a t-shirt, and we were in a hurry, I completely forgot about pants for him.

Had to go home to get some for him – wasn’t gonna miss out on coffee after swimming. Its a survival thing.

I left him with another Mum at the pool, and raced home to get some pants. Grabbed my bathers, too, as thought it could be a bit of fun to hop in the pool with them after the lessons.

I get changed and am sitting on the side of the pool when I am informed that there is “Daddy hair on your legs”

Ah, I knew I forgot something. That would be to book my leg wax.

Now, if only he could remind me when I was closer to a phone so I could make the appropriate calls.

And not loudly, in front of a pool fool of glammed up Mums, make up and all, and the odd Dad or two.

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