I Love My Kids, But …

The school holidays tend to bring this phrase out a little more than other times throughout the year, except possibly when homework, school projects, curriculum days, report writing days, other pupil free days, school mornings, toddler tantrums or non-sleeping newborns are around.

It starts with “I love my kids, but …” and generally finishes with something they’ve done,usually some form of damage or destruction to furniture, objects, siblings and/or your mind.

You’re exasperated, on edge and rapidly reaching the end of your tether.

This phrase bothers me.


I’m not really sure which bit about it bothers me the most.

Mothers, despite all common literature and beliefs, are humans. This means they experience the traits of being a human, like having

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  1. Perfectly said. Why we feel the need to balance every negative comment about our children with the overarching ‘but I love them’ is beyond me. If you’ve got a gripe, own it. Gripe on.

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