I love variety. I love the unexpected. I love a night out.

I had to make an extremely difficult at the commencement of this year.

Extremely difficult.

See, I have plans. Big ones. Most of which involved writing.

(As an aside, I had a massive epiphany last year … and realised, completely and fully, that I am a writer. That’s it. No fighting it any more. No pretending I’m not. No just saying it on my profile pages and not believing it. I am. I just am.)

And creating resources for a topic I’m extremely passionate about. Extremely.

Unfortunately, this was to come at a price. That price was looking a lot like Mums’ Night Out! I had to seriously rethink it. For 2012 anyway.

Then something quite unexpected happened. As I was in the foetal position thinking what do I do?! I love Mums’ Night Out! But I love writing. And I have a list. A List. And … I don’t know what to do …” I popped up for a brief moment to check my email and there was an email in it.

In fact, there were several. But one had “Mums’ Night Out” in the subject line and was from a lady whom I regard every so highly and think is amazingly brilliant and inspirational and

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