I must be a Super Mum

I survived the first week at home.

New baby, school, kinder, swimming, gymnastics, coffee with friends – I did it all.

Chippie even made his debut at Monkey Boy’s show and tell yesterday afternoon and made it home in time for the health nurse visit.

I even checked and replied to some emails.

And got a couple of walks in. Not only the walks to school, but some walk walks as well.

Only late to school two days. Not due to lack of organisation on my part. Oh, no. But because we ran into friends who had to stop us for a chat and look at the baby. And Godzilla tried on some dramatics about who was taking him to kinder while I did the school run.

All in all, everyone got fed at appropriate times, and everyone got to where they should have been. Yes, the right people were delivered to the correct destinations at the designated times.


And only one pack of chocolate teddy bear biscuits was consumed in that time!

(I still don’t get why everyone thinks that is amazing. But still, I have to acknowledge for myself how impressed I am at delivering the right child to his appropriate activity. And with a new baby. Pre-baby, I had some dubious delivery situations)

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