I really must get onto that

Godzilla got himself dressed this morning.

As asked.

Shorts too small. Shirt too small.

Hmm, I really must get onto sorting out his clothes and ditching the too small ones.

Monkey Boy got himself dressed, too.

Ditto there. And I’m sure that that shirt is actually Godzilla’s. If not, it most certainly should be! Or should have been 6 months ago.

Better get onto his clothes, too.

Will do it later … when they’re back at school. In the New Year. Sometime soon. Right now, I’m very busy and will get onto it when I have time.

Dinner had, settled in front of TV feeding Chippie, kids bathed and in their jarmies.

Monkey Boy asks to cuddle his baby brother, so we go through the routine of setting him up on the couch so he can cuddle safely.

And his jarmies, from here, look a little too small …

“Just wait Mummy, I have to get comfortable. My shorts are too small and my penis is getting cold,” he advises as his fiddles with his pyjama shorts and takes the baby.

Hmmm … I really must get onto that.

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