I repeat. Motherhood is NOT a Job!

Whilst I’ve been in the throes of school holidays and technical creativity, a lovely little video was doing the rounds.

Essentially, what happened was that a Position Vacant job listing was posted and then real, properly on camera interviews were conducted whereby the alleged employers/interviewers told the prospective, unsuspecting employers about how hard they’d have to work, for no holidays or days off and approximately zero pay.

You can watch it here … If you want. If you don’t, that’s cool.

It’s not the first time I’ve got on my high-horse about the inference – or blatant stating – that motherhood is a job.

It’s fucking not.

As I stated back then, the whole understanding of a ‘job’ is that there is an employer/someone to answer to/oversee you/manage you/tell you what to do/supervise you, that there are set hours, that there is some sort of wage of some description,whether it is an hourly rate, commission based or a wage, and that here are conditions.

Yes, yes, I concede that you could also construe the word ‘job’ as also meaning ‘stuff you have to do each day’ or ‘stuff you have to do in your role as whatever’. That bit is a bit grey.

However, if you say to someone “I’m looking for a job” they don’t mean they’re looking to trim the hedges or do the dishes or wipe shit off walls or do another 3 piece puzzle for the 19th time that day.

The very fact they ran this … what would you call it? Campaign? Initiative? Blather? by

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  1. I so agree with you. I’m sure being a ‘super-mum’ is a hard (impossible?) job but being a regular mum isn’t. And kids are very forgiving. When I stuff-up at work I’m up the creek – at home it’s kind of expected. Set the bar low-ish and you never disappoint! My kids know I am a pretty ordinary mum – I even think they kind of like it because they know they don’t need to be perfect kids – but they love me anyway. Isn’t that the point of family?

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