I think he missed the point?

I managed to talk the Grumpy One into letting me have first shower this morning.

My “once every second day” shower.

Partly because I desperately needed one, partly coz I wanted to start on some work, and mostly because my head could no longer handle the ramblings, twaddlings and confubulating of the eight year old waffling – yet again – about Lego.

I walk into the bathroom, leaving the door open so I can hear what’s going on ‘out there’, and realise that Grumpy is home, so I can close it.

What a novel concept!

I’m in not 30 seconds, when the door opens, and Monkey Boy (eight year old Lego waffler) walks in and starts white noising about Lego.

“Mate,” I say. “The door was shut for a reason. I really would like to have just one shower in peace. Thanks.”

“Oh. Ok.” he says, and off he heads.

Towards the door.

I rinse my hair, open my eyes and there he is … shutting the door and walking back to me to continue his ramblings …

I think he missed the point.

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