I think my mind has finally broken

Today begins the preparations for tomorrow’s family birthday party celebration for Godzilla.

I would combine the family and friends, but I did that once and it just got confusing. Too many people, and he only invited five friends that time.

I started off well, walking Godzilla up to the local gaming shop so he could pay off his layby of Mario Kart, thereby ensuring he and his older brother would be suitably occupied until their Favourite Uncle popped over and suitably distracted them, or they went off to Godzilla’s friend’s house, to where he’d been invited.

Then it was off for a much needed leg wax before the festivities of later next week and the week after, with enthusiastic prayers for there to be no need for an additional waxing of any body part between now and then, as I quite literally do not have the time.

Back home in time for Godzilla to be extracted, Grumpy to head off to work and Chippie to wake. He wandered off to play some Lego with Monkey Boy and I set about locating appropriate and delicious mud cake recipe to make an “Ice Flower cake” with. All explained rather eloquently in Godzilla-speak.

“Erm. What’s an ‘ice flower’?” I still have no idea. Even after his elaborate explanation of an “ice flower”, along lines of “You

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