I was only ever warned about nipple confusion!

Another long day, another day of in and out of car, racing around and little sleep for baby.

Thus, inevitably, a very tired and grumpy baby at the end of day. Not to mention overtired, grumpy and frazzled Mummy.

The dummy was working overtime, as was the wine glass and we eventually made it home had dinner, and it was time for the Bath, Boob, Bed routine. Which, tonight, also involved the dummy.

It’s not something he’s particularly attached to, and can spend quite a few hours during the day without it. It is, however, something I’m attached to, becuase it stops the crying at times. So, there we were, bathed and doing the Boob part of the routine.

I had been warned – and also had it rammed down my throat by the Mumfia – about the possibility of nipple confusion if I

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