I was stressed … so I shot him

We had another birthday party to attend today.

I’d had about two weeks notice, which is lovely … except I’d pushed it to the back of my mind. Not forgotten it, just Low Prioritised it.

Thus, we had to make the trek to purchase a gift this morning, then entertain children until party time.

Grumpy Pants chose the spare time to reattach the now very clean oven door. Upside down. Then he righted it.

I contemplated doing another load of the fourteen remaining loads of washing, except that we had nowhere to hang anything to dry.

Being a close friend, we were all invited along to the birthday party. A bowling/laser skirmish birthday party. My kids have been to a few. I usually do a dump and run and get to listen to how much fun it all was, shooting people

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  1. much like clinging desperately to the side of an ice skate rink as you watch others whizz past because you are positive your ankles are about to break and having to be literally hoisted off the rink if you fall makes you feel better because you can have a damn good laugh about it 🙂

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