I Watch You While You Sleep

“I watch you while you sleep.”

More than just a little bit creepy, right?

This is a ‘thing’ my kids do.

The littlest one, then three- or four-years-old started it, quite accidentally and innocently.

I’m not sure where he heard it, initially, but he would say it to his oldest sibling. Often, he would get nose to nose with said sibling and utter the words “I watch you while you sleep.”

Even then, although somewhat hilarious, it was a bit creepy. Spine chillingly so.

I think the hilarious bit was really more about the then twelve-year-old shuddering and yelling “MUM! Chippie is a weird, creepy freak!”

Although it is difficult for a pre-schooler to say something that isn’t ‘cute’, this really was a little bit creepy.

Now, they continue to do it, all three of them, to each other and sometimes to rather unsuspecting guests that stay over on occasion – and even though it is just a part of what they do in this house, it’s still just freaking weird. It still contains just an element of creepiness and wrongness.

Which is why this story, albeit some months old now, is also just a little bit freaky and creepy.

The gist of it is that a couple had a wireless baby monitor, with a camera, in their 10-month-old daughters bedroom, so they could keep an eye on her whilst she slept, and some hackers broke into it and were “watching their daughter sleep”.


It is, according to the media report, “every parents’ worst nightmare”.

It is also an article the television media contacted me to comment on and, basically, didn’t like what I had to say about it. My comments didn’t fit the outrage that was expected.


Although social media, and the mainstream media, went into Outrage Meltdown and reinforced just how awful and scary and all manner of adjectives pertaining to how horrible this would have been, my outrage was directed elsewhere.

I’m not suggesting having someone hack your wireless baby monitor, watching your baby sleep, and talking to her over said monitor isn’t, like, really, really freaking scary! It would be.

What annoys me is how the media, marketing execs and all the rest of us have conned people into thinking they

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  1. Yep and yep. I first saw the audio baby monitors when my kids were little, long before the internet became a ‘thing’ and dismissed buying one then, didn’t want to be even more paranoid than I already was. Also, I couldn’t see a need for them for most normal households, there are a small percentage of them that actually need them but very few do.

    Manufacturers and marketers have a lot to answer for many different problems in society.

    Now, if you can stop reading my mind I’ll be happy.

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