I WOULD be proud … but …

I managed to catch Monkey Boy’s teacher this afternoon at school. I approached her regarding Chippie’s behaviour after spending an hour in her classroom yesterday.

“WHAT did you teach him?” I asked.

“If it was anyone, it was your HUSBAND!” she fired back.

I explained Chippie’s behaviour and what he came home saying. She advised me that Grumpy Pants had the kids crawling around the floor so they could see what it would be like without any legs. His defence was that he was with the group working on the skeletal system and “they asked so I had to tell them”.

Clearly seeing a need to intervene before their IQs dropped and they presented a factually incorrect project, she explained to the children that whilst they could get around on their knees if they lost their lower legs, it would require a considerable amount of padding and reinforcement, and also that feet help to stabilise and balance the body, and without feet people would fall over a lot.

Grumpy Pants encouraged the children to test it, and had them running up and down the classroom on their knees, feet held to their bottoms. Then he explained to the teacher that “It’s ok, because when you walk around on your knees all the time, eventually they flay out and are just like feet.”

The teacher asked me not to bring him to school any more to help in the classroom. I collected my children and took them home.

Then it was out for dinner with The Favourite Uncle, over from Sweden for a week or two,

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  1. I love your boys’ quick wit! I’m sure it drives you nuts, but what an awesome change from the playdough-cutter kids “the media” would have us raise 😀

    Also, I would totally and proudly get the medusa tattoo with “Mummy” underneath it 😉

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