I … yes, I see your point

Monkey Boy is pretty switched on.

The conversation started about television commercials and why they weren’t “honest” and all the mums were happy and babies smiling and houses tidy (and I deftly avoided how unlike those houses ours is) … and, a segment on TV regarding teenage depression came on and we had a really great conversation about both.

And how one can affect the mental health of the other, in some cases.

The conversation, by way of trying to explain things to him in a relevant manner, turned to my having an emergecny caesarean and how people referred to me as “lazy”, having “taken the easy way out” and that it was my “fault” that it had happened that way.

“How do they figure that out?” he asked me.

(I told you he was switched on and clever)

To which, I had no answer, otehr than “I dunno”,

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