Off for a Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner with some friends.

Been to the same place loads of times and had a great meal – so why not tonight.

Because, for some reason, tonight was god-awful food night!

The worst meal I have ever had at this place … actually, think it was the worst meal I have ever had. And I wasn’t the only one.

Not sure how its gonna go in conjunction with morning sickness though.

Had the Chinese Dragon come through, and fed him some gold coins. Hopefully enough to bring some good luck this year. Kids, at least, had fun with that – as did we all – till the Dragon ate, then “spat” some lettuce across the room.

Yeah, this was pretty funny if you’re a young boy. How is it they can learn to replicate those actions, but not the ones parent’s actually like.

And why do I have two that like to talk a lot (read: incessantly) so we got to hear the lettuce story for the remainder of the night.

Please, please be a New year when I get up tomorrow!

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