I'd like a nice family with that, please

With the chaos of the last few weeks, failed auction and just too much on, the Family Day has fallen very much by the wayside.

As a result, I find myself in the house seven days a week, and my one day of Something Different and Relaxing (as much as one can on a Family Day) has been kept from me.

My house not being particularly homey at the moment, and not being much of a fun place to be in, I was desperate to get out. Today was Local Craft Market Day and my usual Market Accomplice was unavailable. Sad.

She did, however, want to purchase my Christmas present, so requested I go along and order it. I decided the Family could also come along and help me (for once) purchase the presents of various other family members whilst we were there. The mere mention of the word “market” sent them into writhing I-don’t-wanna spasms. Had I added the term “Lego” or “Star Wars” or “Beer” or “Plants vs Zombies” or “Trains” to the word “market” their heads my very well have exploded through being in total conflict with itself.

As with all Family Days, it kicked off with the I Don’t Wanna Gos. It does anyway. Just ‘cos. Grumpy slept in and joined in the expressions of dislike about going.

“Look!” I said. “I know where everything is, I know what we can get, and who for, we can be in and out in under an hour. I would just really like some help and input this year.”

I’m unsure if it was what I said that convinced them, or the tone of voice that accompanied

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