I'd like a refund, please

Craziness of afternoon after a kinda productive day.

Initially, I thought this would involve taking Monkey Boy to an appointment, racing back to grab Godzilla from a friends house where he was going after school so he didnt’ have ot accompany me, and Chippie from childcare, off to collect Godzilla’s basketball uniform and home.

Arriving at school early, so that I may peruse the street directory to determine exactly where I am going, and choosing, this time, to ignore Grumpy’s “It’ll take about five minutes” answer to my question, I discover I will bypass the basketball uniform collection place on the way too and from the appointment destination.

Having no concept of exactly where suburbs that I don’t frequent are, I had assumed the appointment was somewhere else entirely. In fact, I like to fantasise about it actually being the five minutes away that Grumpy says it will be and that I will then be required to drive through the suburb where my To Be Collected Children are on the way to the next port of call.

Sadly, this is never the case and after putting considerable effort into organising another school mum to collect Godzilla, and informing her I will need to do a Fly By Collection of him so we can get his uniform in time, and letting childcare know that I will be collecting Chippie much later than normal, and it will also be a Fly By Collection, and being entirely satisfied and comfortable with the arrangements I have made, I am now required to rethink the whole thing.

Damn suburb being in a totally different location from where I imagined it to be. And where I would now like it to be.

Enter school grounds and have Important Discussion with Godzilla about him not being there when I collect his uniform, re-check what number he’d like to be on his uniform, am most upset when he chooses “51” and not “11” or”13″ – which were my numbers when I played – and talked him into having them as his second choices.

Then felt bad about him not being there, as it is such an important occasion and very exciting. And he wasn’t too fussed as was still in the I’m Going To A Friend’s House euphoria and I was let off the hook to go about my own, or rather, eveyrone else’s business, without him. So long as I got the right numbers.

Off we race, and 45 minutes – not 5 minutes – later we are at our appointment. Race off from there, aware I need to collect uniform and Chippie, race in to get uniform, collect appropriate numbers, am reminded of need to sew them on, wrestle handbag away from Monkey Boy to prevent him eating any more of the crap that he has found in there form god knows how long ago, race off to collect Chippie, come to realisation I’m not running as behind time as I thought, relax slightly and am

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