8 Replies to “I'd like to opt out of this world now, thanks”

  1. Hear hear Amanda! And yes, you’re right, we DO live in a, “someone else will do it” mentality unfortunately. And hence, I think we as individuals should stop thinking that way and if something (someone) is not right or rather warrants any help go forth and do it. Instead of regretting that you didn’t do it.

  2. The reprocussions of this tragic accident have the potential to destroy this already fragile community. The fact that it could have been prevented is further tragedy.

  3. I’m sorry, you must feel like you’re in a pretty shitty place right now 🙁

    Nothing can ever change the fact that nobody DID anything, but you’re right – priorities are all over the place right now.

    We get upset that a favourite tv show character is killed off, but news that over 800 people were massacred by apparent militants in Ivory Coast is skimmed over; we queue up for the latest electronic gadgets whilst complaining about a small levy to try and tackle soaring pollution levels; we point the finger at everyone else, and NOBODY takes fucking responsibility for ANYTHING.

    I include myself – I’m guilting of skimming “serious” news and gasping at celebrity faux pas, of enjoying sunny days and barely sparing a thought for those who are still trying to find accommodation after the awesome power of nature takes its course.

    Thanks for the kick in the arse – I needed it.

  4. I cry and cry and cry at this stuff, because it could happen to my own child. I do poke my nose in sometimes, but I’d rather do that and be mistaken then know a child could die because I failed to act.

  5. The bystander effect is sadly alive and well while our humanity dies unnoticed. It makes me ill that people don’t stop and think that they should do something if something seems wrong. I try to make sure that I help others when I can see something amiss, but this story will make me keep me eyes open and be sure that I don’t end up being like the neighbor in this story.

  6. I see this all the time. People just don’t give a damn, they want to hide in their little houses and ignore what goes on outside, let alone help someone, all the while complaining how no-one gives a damn about THEM!

  7. A few years ago I saw a small child wandering through a busy roundabout with no adult in sight. A truck driver stopped to block the traffic as I ran over, he got out, picked her up and gave her to me. Still no one around who might be looking for the little girl, who turned out to be just two years old, I called the police and waited there with her. The police asked me to wait with her while they door-knocked the nearby houses, eventually finding the girl’s home a couple of blocks away – the mother had a newborn baby and was having a sleep, she had no idea her daughter had gotten out. Tragedy averted in this case. I can’t understand how other people can see and not act.

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