Identifying You

I really want to talk a lot more on the topic of Identity, and, obviously, more specifically the Identity that comes with being a mother.

Or, Loss of Identity as the case so clearly is.

Being such a complex and convoluted ‘thing’, there is so much to be covered by such a topic, so many factors that are at play and so much subjectivity is involved that it is not so simple to write about in a blog post.

So. Much. Stuff involved.

Just … well, for the sake of simplicity as an introduction to the topic, to explain many of the aspects involved and, I dunno, to make it as clear as possible let’s go with, say … tattoos.

Yeah? As a wan of Identifying You. It kind of gives a pictorial explanation to accompany the following ramblings.

(Work with me here, okay?)

Anyhoo, tattoos. Love them or hate them, over the last decade or so, they are becoming more and more visible (and freakingly amazingly artistic!) and are slipping off that cloak of perception they carried for so long.

For many, tattoos were reminiscent of bikie gangs, ex-prisoners, crims and some of the more rebellious truck drivers. And, of course, rebellious teenagers, whom it was determined would go on to become one of the former gang members/prisoners/etc.

Now, one can no longer really stereotype or pigeon hole a person because they have tattoos. Except, of course, those with Gang markings and AFL football players, both of whom have obvious markings.

I know lots and lots of Mums who also have tattoos and whom are not members of any gangs, nor have they recently spent any time in prison (although, at times, I’m sure some of them have entertained this idea – free board, free bed and someone to cook their meals for them …) … and although one might state they are in a ‘club’ of sorts; that of being a Mum, there is not really any sort of ‘club’ or ‘gang’ branding to lump them all into one.

Except, possibly, the tattooing of the children’s names on some barely visible part of the body, as though on one hand they’re happy to be marked as such, yet also somewhat conscious of what others may think of their tattoos.

It’s more a Dad thing, really.

And if we go back to that comment about ‘what others may think’ well, indeed, others do think and they are more than happy to judge a mother with tattoos as one whom must obviously be a “bad mother”.

Really, what sort of mother –

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