If only it had been in the place before the last place I looked

“A ball from snakes and ladder is goned!” is the cry.

Yeah, yeah – otherwise occupied, my head forgot the distress. More concerned about him packing his bag for a sleepover this evening, and not doing everything but. Besides, Snakes and Ladders doesn’t have balls.

This alone was a two hour task, in between a business meeting (at home – always loads of fun), washing, making lunch – a cooked lunch – for friends who’d popped over, trying not to stress too much about the state of the house and the lounge room that resembled a Chinese laundry because, as fate would have it, I hadn’t been able to do the washing for a week, thus had 867 loads to do

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  1. Little trouble packs enough trains to circle the planet whenever we go anywhere. Shoes, hat and sunscreen are optional.

    I’m still waiting for him to feed Pixie Boy one of the many small toys I am trying to keep out of reach.

    You cooked lunch for friends? *laughs* I have trained mine to bring their own 🙂

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