If only …

If only my house was the size of a Chinese laundry, I wouldn’t mind so much that it looked like one.

If only Godzilla couldn’t store water like a camel, only to have it ooze out of him, seemingly from every orifice, during the night.

If only he would choose the warmer months of the year to do this.

I suspect he is solely responsible for the breaking of the drought. It’s a well known fact in my house that it will only rain on the days I have towels and/or sheets on the line.

Given that the contents of the kids’ entire linen cupboard, inlcuding underblanket mattress protectors, and those mattress protector things that sit on top of the top sheet, are on the line, as well as two sets of our own bedding, including underblanket are all on the line, then it is inevitable that it will rain continuously.

Given that they have been on the line for two full days now, I’m anticipating several more weeks of rain. It will ease, of course, but not for long enough to allow the line contents to return to just damp, as opposed to the dripping wet that they currently are.

As for clothes – well, they’ll just have to deal with it, there’s not enough room on the line, nor any available surface in our Chinese Laundry of a House to wash anything else.

And there’s a drought on, you know?

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