If you can't beat 'em

Well, no you can’t beat ’em coz the bloody Mumfia get all hoity toity and say things like “You’re a bad mother” and stuff like that.

After last night’s food rubbage in hair incident, and the super angry, long discussion Monkey Boy and I had afterwards, he sat and ate his dinner in peace.

That was also quite probably because he was really hungry and I made them walk home from school in the cold wind and wouldn’t let them eat anything before dinner. And there were no bones or inedible bits that he could pass off to his baby brother.

I like to think it was the former, but suspect it was the latter.

Anyhoo, mashed potato was involved, along with some chunky bits of vegie and meat, so that Chippie could eat it with his fingers. He did have a spoon to use, but we all know that at his age, the spoon is held in one hand and is used to aid concetration, so that the other hand gets maximum grabbage of food and stuggage in mouth.

Except for tonight where, clearly disappointed at his older brother, he managed to get mashed and chunky stuff on spoon with one hand, and handfull in the other and rub both through his hair.

Then he smelt like a sausage. Into the bath with the lot of them (becuase you’re not allowed to beat them).

Tomorrow night, I’m just going to serve dinner from the pot straight onto their heads. Saves on washing dishes.

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  1. Mm. Headfood.

    If their hair grew long enough you could coat it with food and let them suck on that all day, or scrape it off with their fingers to eat it. INstead of dreadlocks, we could market veglocks – like dreadlocks made out of mashed potato with various other ingredients in there.

  2. That is such a COOL idea!

    They suck their hair anyway – kids that is, although my kids don’t have hair long enough. But they can 🙂

    Would you do things like a bolognaise sauce as well? Bit of curly pasta perhaps?

    I see a whole range in here … expanding daily! LOL

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