If you don't ask, you don't get

This morning, a gorgeous friend of mine sent through an email with a fabulous looking cow-print suitcase that would be absolutely perfect for my travels that I dream about so much, but never actually get around to doing, and offered to organise it’s purchase for me, should I so desire (and have the funds to deposit into her credit card account. Quite rightly!)

I also hope that it will inspire Coca-Cola to offer me loads more opportunity for travelling to exciting destinations as a Live Positively Ambassador. Or, the reverse; that I will have something to pack my shit in when I am required to travel.

As it stands, my desire to outright own this marvelous piece of usefullness far outweighs my fiscal means of doing so. And my websites have been hacked so I lie on the floor in the foetal position and cry a lot. Also. lying on the floor is aiding the severe sleep deprivation I encountered last night.

Extraordinarily pissed off and with an exceptionally long to do list that I am unable to tend to, I put a call out for Mad Cow Birthday Fund donations (as it is my

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  1. Happy Birthday you mad cow! laughed at the snot business. Tell him that ‘if you like the taste so much how about I make you sandwiches out of it?’ see what he says

  2. LOL thanks gorgeous!

    Meh, I’m over the snot eating. I often offer the two older one’s some of their toddler brother’s snot and the refuse saying it’s “gross”.

    Then we have much discussion about their eaiting their own snot. Hasn’t stopped ’em yet 🙂

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