If you've got it, flaunt it

A Random Act of Kindness? Or just another sucker.

Walking home from kinder, and ran into another kinder kid and her mum. Out the front of the fruit shop, where we did a very brief “how’s it going?” as Godzilla and I passed.

Brief, but long enough for Godzilla to have procured and apple and tell me he wanted it.

I really must learn to take a few dollars when I do kinder pick up. As it was, and as I usually do, I had only the house keys with me. Nothing else.

But, despite similar occurances on a weekly basis, Godzilla would not be moved. He refused to give up his apple. My only consolation was that it was an apple, and not something of little health and nutritional value. There was little that I could do in regard to purchasing said produce and maintained my stand in the matter … he was not having it just then.

But, he can turn it on. I’ve become immune to it – mostly – but passersby, strangers and every other person who comes into contact with him, haven’t. The dramatics started, the tears, the heartbreaking sobbing … the rest.

A lady walked over – I suspect, somewhat understanding of the theatrical part of the performance, or just not wanting to offend me – leaned over to him, handed him .50c and told him to buy the apple. With a condition that he was to listen to his mum next time.

The tears stopped immediately, I thanked her profusely, albeit with a battle going on in my head (is that nice, or is he going to turn into an axe murderer because someone gave into him – the usual stuff that goes through mother’s heads in cases like this) and he went off to make his purchase, return happily and hand over the change.

The instructions of “listen to your mum”, however, I suspsect were entirely ignored as he walked off, apple under his arm, toward home.

Ah, well, I guess if you can get away with it, and get something out of it, then its the poor suckers who believe you that will lose in the end.

I hope.

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