I'll have something to be proud of … one day

Yesterday, at school pickup, I was chatting to one of the other mums.

Again, I got the “So, did you hear about the award Godzilla got?”

Um. No. No, again, I have been told nothing.


And I had to be all “Oh, wow, really? Tell me more!” and all excited and everything. A fabulous cover for feeling like Crap Mum for not having a clue what is going on in my kids life.

“Yes!” she says, just as excited as I was pretending to be. “He was awarded the ‘Well Done’ Award by the vice principal in PE class today!”

This is not necessarily a new thing. This is something like his 5th PE award. Or more. I lost count. Mostly because I”m never told of these awards and I find random “well done” ribbons, proffering no further information, lying around the house. This could very well be his 5th one this year. I don’t know.

She’s smiling a lot. She is, after all, a Zumba instructor. Which is exactly why she happened to be at the school when Godzilla received this particular award. Yes, he received the Well Done PE Award for Zumba.

I am impressed.

He received it last Tuesday. I think. I did ask him to show me said award (aka a flouro yellow ribbon with the worlds:



emblazoned on it. I believe the flourescentness of the aforementioned ribbon was in honour of Zumba itself, but am not sure. I was handed the ribbon and told “guinea pigs can scream”. A fact I’m not willing to explore any further than that.

So, yes, a little proud that my middle child received yet another PE award. More than a little miffed that it is only know I find out about it and my “well done! I’m very proud of you!” is now far too belated to have any impact whatsoever, and is, currently, way out of context. We’re now onto how guinea pigs can hang onto the side of the cage, for dear life, with thier “cute little claws” (his words, not mine).

Still, there’s always the other child. I can’t wait till he actually shows me those two certificates he got for doing really well in surfing lessons and standing up on the board and other stuff, when he went on school camp.

In week four of term 1.

These particular certificates obviously missed the End Of Term Bag Emptying Ritual … which pretty much consists of me mummbling “empty your bags completely” when we arrive home on the last day of each term, followed by random “Have you emptied your bags yet?!” requests, commands and demands, over the subsequent school holidays.

One day … one day they will give me something to be proud of. Rather than me accidentally finding out about it on my own …

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