I'm back, baby – The Week That Was (an Arse!)

I’ve been missing for a few weeks. Had you noticed? Well, I have been, and just in case you care, here’s the last week. Or two. Or since the 19th of September, anyhoo. Condensed.

Aside from a small amount of stuffing things in boxes in the a.m. the rest of that Wednesday was pretty much a write off as Grumpy went to work and I got to do school stuff. On the downside of that, there was no further information pertaining to the genitalia – or lack thereof – of LEGO minifigures. In short, LEGO Club was a complete waste of fun times.


20th September – Grumpy and I collect the truck that I was allowed to organise for hire. I had just packed the carving knife, placed it at the bottom of a box and loaded the box up with various items from the “platters” cupboard when the unthinkable happened …

Grumpy and I were carrying

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