I'm Calling Bullshit on the "Healthy Eating Is So Hard" Rhetoric

A warning; I do have my Cranky Pants on again. I seem to have them on a lot lately.

I think that’s because more often than not I am tolerant and accepting and let others be. Until I hear something one too many times. Then I explode. Especially when it is something I’m so passionate about.

Something I am extraordinarily passionate about is the mental health and wellbeing of mums. I’m also extremely aware that mental health is inextricably linked to physical health.

I’m also extremely passionate about the health and welfare of our children – because it’s gonna be them looking after me and wiping my bum when I’m in a nursing home. I want them to be in top notch shape.

For those that are going to jump on the ‘fat shaming’ bandwagon; don’t. I’m not fat shaming. I am, however, very aware of the state of overweight in obesity in this country and the health implications of that. I’m very aware of the pressure currently placed on the public health system as a result of preventable diseases stemming from overweight and obesity (as well as other, preventable illnesses).

I’m aware of the issues with behaviour, school and work productivity, relationships and more as a result of overweight and obesity.

What I am

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