I'm going to miss them SO much … or not …

Finally got around to packing after several long hours of thinking up creative ways to procrastinate. One of which was the “writing a list of what I need to pack” which contained 3 items, two of which are “vodka”.

As it turns out, we don’t have any left to pack.

Chippie “helped” my pack by messing up the important documnts I had left in a neat pile on the end of the bed; important things like my passport and tickets and that sort of thing. I hope I found it all.

He then crawled across all the neat piles of clothes I had organised on the bed, then added things like one of his way too small shoes, and one of Grumpy’s way smelly shoes to the suitcase, before hopping in himself, refusing to get out, then sliding down the lid and throwing clothes off the bed.

Packing completed, I attempted a bit of “fun” time with the kids, whilst Grumpy did some yelling at them. Not leaving me loaded with confidence about my being aaway. That doubt was quickly quashed when I attempted to take a “nice” photo of all four boys that I could take with me, show off and look at to remind me of them when I missed them.

As it stands, we have a grumpy face, a teary face, a “let me go” face and an exasperated face. Then there were more tears about “I don’t know how to smile” and tantrums when “fuck you all, I don’t want a photo of you anyway!” occurred and I stomped off to finish packing.

More disharmony occurred and, despite not quite finished packing, seriously contemplated calling a taxi to take me to the airport their and then. Sure, it’d be 18 hours at the airport before my flight, but that’d have to be better than this, surely?

Monkey Boy then came in and gave me a big cuddle and cried just a bit, saying he will miss me very much. Am most astounded as he rarely cries, and it is even more rare that I get physical contact from him, let alone cuddles.

Again, short lived as Godzilla looked at him sideways, he yelled, Godzilla cried and Grumpy added more yelling to the mix, whilst Chippie threw cars at my head and clung to my leg. Also crying.

At least when I’m missing them, I can look at the photos to remind myself exactly what I am missing … and then I probably won’t …

3 Replies to “I'm going to miss them SO much … or not …”

  1. Oh dear!! I hope that you have a fantastic time OS with the other mums and all the good things there. I’m sure they won’t get up to anything that the Drs can’t fix 🙂

  2. aw… love that your kids are all showing you how much they care and will miss you in their own special way!
    Have a fabulous time…like anyone really needs to tell you to do that!

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