I'm having a sleepover

My first one in about 7 years. Even more!

How exciting!!

I went shopping at DFO this morning and got myself some much needed new bras (I really now need to lose the excess body fat, so I can buy myself some nice new bras – you can only get nice ones if you are a size 8 , or a B-cup, or less)

Not that anyone at the sleepover is likely to see them. Its not that sort of sleepover!

Grumpy went Christmas tree shopping with the kids (nerny, nerny ner ner) and when I got home he had set it up – right in the middle of the floor at the end of the hall, so when you walked into the living area, you also walked right into the tree – and the kids were busily decorating it.

Prepared some goods for this evenings dinner (at the sleepover) and packed my overnight bag.

And my lift arrived!

And then … “Mummy, where are you going?”

“To a friends house.”

“What time will you be home?”

“Tomorrow about lunchtime.”

“But how can you do that?”

“I’m having a sleepover.”

“Oh. I’ve had two this year.”

 “I know, and I haven’t had any! For ages!”

“Oh. Well, if you’re not home, then we’re gonna have a Daddy Night?”

“Yup. That’s the aim.”

“Oh good! Then we can have pizza, beer and farting!”

Hmmm. Great. Hopefull there won’t be any of that we’re I’m going.

And on that note, I am going!!!

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