One more sleep to go.

Monkey Boy in grade one and Godzilla off to kinder – first day tomorrow.

I’m not ready for the whole making lunches for school and having to be somewhere at a particular time yet!!

(Because if I had my way they’d be there much earlier than the recommended time).

On the upside, I was contacted to do a number of interviews on Brisbane radio today. So that was nice. First one was at 7.35am this morning.

After a panic attack when she said “No probs, that’s 6.35 tomorrow morning. Great. Speak to you then” (this was yesterday obviously, that she said that) and I said “Fuck, fuck, oh fuck – 6.35!!!!!”. Then she rang back and said it’s 7.35 my time, so I relaxed.

A bit.

Three interviews in total, all went well. Only one minor hickup, where the kids had found my hiding spot for the first interview (the walk in wardrobe, foot against the door, used previously), and the second one I was asked if I was on speakerphone as it “sounds echoey”.

So I said “no no” and then

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