What did I do to deserve this? I'm just a MUM, not Einstein!

As if the diorama and other space bloody project wasn’t enough. The note about the science fair was eventually retreived from the school bag.

I liked the last few years better. The Science Fair was optional (according to the school) for kids below grade three. It was prohibited (according to me). Now he’s in grade 3, Monkey Boy is required to participate.

I think the last few times working with me on project has taught him that, no, he can’t suggest 14 different blooyd projects and argue with me about it. He is allowed to choose one and one only! And then it must be approved by me, and then he must continue to choose until I am ok with it.

He chose this year to make a volcano. Which is OK coz the kinder teacher made some and we have a recipe. For the volcano-y spew stuff, at least.

We opted to make the actual volcano-y bit (the mountainy stuff) out of papier mache. Which would be handy if we actually knew what the hell papier mache was. I think last time I used (made?) the stuff, I was 6. Obviously, there is a reason I haven’t worked with it since – but given the time frame, I can no longer remember what that reason is. No doubt I will find out in the next few days.

I did contemplate Googling it, but then remembered you don’t google things like that because then you’ll self diagnose yourself as having a brain tumour. Quite possibly located in your left ankle.

I asked the prep teacher this morning – I mean, she’s a

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