A disasterous start to the day, when I stumbled out of bed and discovered the coffee machine had had a significant leak all over the bench and floor, for no explicable reason. I, remarkably, had managed to set it all properly.

Thanfully, there was enough for one MUG for me, and a small amount for GrumpyPants.

But …


Heading off on a road trip today. Just me and a friend, off to Adelaide, for some thing to do with my business and filming a welcome video for Oprah and her impending trip to Australia. Meeting another friend there this evening, after her flight across, sleeping on our own beds, and eating dinners in restaurants and not having to share.

Grumpy empties the car of all kid related paraphernalia and I add my ONE overnight bag and another bag of stuff required for the filming. The boot looks somewhat … expansive now it isn’t laden with balls and prams and a pair of bathers that appear to have been there for, hrm, a while. And sand. Lots and lots of sand.

I remember to say my farewells to the children as they leave for school and childcare in whingey and tantrummy mode, collect the last of my requirements and head off! Collect friend on the way and We’re OFF!

We open up a packet of lollies in about the first 20 minutes as we are no longer bound by the We’re Not Opening The Lollies Until We Get To Horsham Rule, and don’t have to disolcate our shoulder passing a lolly over the back and having the equivalent of a pirhana feeding frenzy take our fingers off in the process. We don’t need to do anything for behind us.

So unusual was this that every now and again one of us was forced to say “Are we there yet?” just so we didn’t go completely nuts.

Stopped off at Friend’s parents’ house for lunch- which was made for us! – and at the supermarket to stock up on packets of chips that we also didn’t have to share. Normally, I wouldn’ t have purchased such Driving Snacks, but as there were no children present, it wasn’t an issue.

We could listen to the CDs as loudly, or quietly, as we wished, didn’t have to stop for weeing at inappropriate and dangerous spots along the highway and made it to our desination a good hour before the estimated time. Had kids been involved, we may have made it before midnight. Just.

Get into the city and resort to the GPS for final directions, which had me wishing my hubby was there. Yes, he of

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