Immersing myself in Merry

Life tends to be busy at the best of times, and I just love how everyone completely misses that everyone else is doing the same, mental “Oh,jeebus, we have to do that before the end of year!”

So there are school concerts and assemblies and graduations nights and so many “We really must catch up before the end of the year!” because I don’t know why.

The concerts and graduations at least I get. They make sense.

A few years back, I put my frowny face on, set about a mission to complete all my Christmas shopping at the local massive shopping centre, for no other reason than “that’s what you do at Christmas time”. Also, online shopping was very new and nothing like it is now.

It was as I watched, horrified, a man completely loose his shit over a set of $6.95 Christmas biscuit cutters – he wanted to return them, in their opened packet and with no receipt, because they “weren’t right”- and throw them at the woman serving him and leaving the store, throwing his arms up and muttering all manner of profanities that I changed my entire attitude towards the Christmas shop.

I chose to see it as Entertainment.

I do love people watching at the best of times, and I am so

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