Important Memo re: School Lunches

A Real Mums community service announcement

Those of you who have already experienced the school thing may or may not be aware of this. The veterans amongst us (I, personally, have experienced the range from First Day through to Last Day of the entire primary school span) will likely be well aware of it.

Those yet to experience the phenomena (or perhaps started today) will become clear on the issue over the next few months to years.

Obviously, as the title suggests, I am referring to School Lunches. It is an inevitable component of your day when you have a child, or children, of school age.

I am not, however, referring just to school lunches, but to a memo that I appear to have missed somewhere between the start of 2006 (when my eldest started school) and sometime, I believe, around 2010. Possibly early.

Given I often skimmed over school newsletters and missed things like the date for last day of term and photos of my kids that appeared in it after the won an award of some sort or another, I’m not surprised is slipped under the radar.


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  1. Oh you’re ON! Too late for today’s photo unless I sneak up to school while nobody’s looking and poke around for the orange lunchbox that was a remnant from a picnic set my parents got when I was about 12.

    Oh wait, vintage is in now, isn’t it? Not every kid can boast a 30 year old lunchbox!

      1. Bugger, was too busy arguing with kindy kid about why she needed to put clothes on, and making it clear that if she didn’t I wouldn’t care but that she’d be cold and wet and I’d laugh.
        NEXT week!

  2. So glad to read this today!!! THANK YOU AMANDA!! I spent hours going through pinterest and websites last night searching for healthy and easy lunch box meals, and went to bed after midnight with no great ideas, it was all too bloody hard 🙁

    Kids went to school with fancy new lunch boxes {the nude food mover ones, they are actually pretty good}, but the typical Nutella sandwich {our kiddies are allowed nuts and strawberry at their new schools}, whole apple {I’m not a clever cutter/animal maker of foods either}, grapes, be~light, a custard and carrot sticks. I had great plans to include a clever note in their lunchboxes, which I saw lots of on Pinterest, but even forgot to do this!

    I wish someone would share REAL lunches that are easy for mums!

  3. I’m stocking up on Hot Cross Buns, whole freezer shelf full of them, because they are delicious and I love them sooooo much. Made school lunch today easy, frozen yogurt tube, frozen hot cross bun, packet popcorn, carrot and vegemite sandwich.

    On days where my creative side feels like playing with food then I make the girls something fun, but that is because I want too. School lunches are not a competition… well except for that one day last year where it was and the teachers in each class judged the winning ‘nude’ lunch boxes and handed out prizes. But that did kind of suck, I kept my kids home from school that day.

  4. Yay mad cow great post those creative lunches are for home
    who has time for such nonsense on a school week
    kids need simple at school

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