In agreement

Another not-quite-last minute “I’ve been asked to do the morning shift tomorrow” phone call from hubby yesterday saw me on Toddler Swimming Lesson Duty this morning.

Am beyond caring about state of legs and no longer tell people that I just like to wear textured stockings with my bathers to swimming lessons. I just don’t. And I just do them.

Besides, no one has commented, so I like to remain in blissful ignorance that they have not noticed.

Bahahahahahahahaha –says the other voice in my head. Which I also choose to ignore.

Grumpy Pants takes the older two and leaves me with the nearly-three year old, who starts off with “I want Daddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” until I distract him with some feigned excitement and “We’ve got swimming today, lets get your shoes on.” And smile a lot.

It may have been the forced smile that scared him, because he looked at me with incredulity and said “I don’t wanna go swimming wif you, I want Daddy.”

Then, “I don’t wanna go swimming.”

Here’s the thing. Nor do I. Also, I want you to go swimming with Daddy and I also want you to have Daddy. Especially when you carry on like this.

But, I have got my head around swimming lessons, I’ve paid for them, I have nothing else planned, nor do I have the brain power to contemplate any other ways to keep him happy and entertained, and the Guilt is well and truly setting in re the watching of Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs, so I can’t – psychologically- stick him in front of one this morning, as that was my plan for 11am. Besides, he won’t last the morning and afternoon watching Thomas.

So, no, its off to swimming we go. He is, of course, terribly excited when we get there, as is his wont, and incredibly cooperative when it comes to undressing and putting his bathers on and getting into the pool. Even his lesson went well. He also didn’t disappoint when it came to the “good morning song” moment, where for two years he has stubbornly refused to say his name when its time.

He didn’t say it this morning either. I would have been very taken aback had he actually complied.

Then it was time to hop out, and

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