In case you were mistaken

So, the last few weeks have been insanely busy.

Or, rather, more insanely busy. Crazier than usual, overstuffed and all over the place like a mad woman’s breakfast.

(Oh, how I love the image that conjurs up. Or, at least until I left my head and cast my eyes around my abode and ponder the fact that the house looks like a mad woman has partaken in a little morning feast within its confines.)

So, yes, in the last month I have hosted two birthday parties (on the same day), helped to organise and launch Support For Mums, worked at the latest in a series of Blogger’s Brunches hosted by Kids Business, took a night off to see Aerosmith and organised the annual, and 10th anniversary of Mums’ Night Out! All of this whilst going about my usual business of parenting and by business

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