In My Lion of Work – an experience

In my role as a mother who rambles about the mundane crap in her life in a desperate bid to keep a dubious grasp on her sanity blogger, I am occasionally asked to partake in some stuff; cooking of meals, checking out products and being invited to do some cool stuff. And some not so cool stuff.

This was a “cool stuff” thing. I was invited by one of my PR contacts – PorterNovelli – to join them in the re-release of one of my fave movies, The Lion King. Kids and husbands invited.

They made it slightly more appealing than “hey, why not go to the movies with your kids and husband – that’ll be fun, won’t it! Hurrah!” (ahem, um, no) they tossed in the Director’s Suite at Hoyts, and a sleepover at the Melbourne Zoo. Mostly, I was just wrapt that someone threw me a lifeline in school holiday, week 2 and it was two days of stuff I didn’t have to fill by thinking up something to do myself.

It wasn’t just my family and I, either. A couple of other blogger chicks I know were also coming along: Kate from Picklebums,

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