In my spare time …

Another full day, full of fullness.

Running around, tidying things, Hen’s lunches to attend, babies to manage, stuff to do …

The Hen’s Lunch was at lunchtime (obviously) and given the busyness of the coming week, we had to get stuff done.

It was decided that Chippie would attend the lunch with me, but before we left we needed to get him to sleep, and the kids most absolutely, definitely had to Tidy Their Room …


We didn’t want Santa breaking a leg or anything on his arrival.

(Mummy, on the other hand, was quite happy too. Someone might let her sit then).

As usual, it was an ordeal to even get them started on it. Lots of yelling and screaming and threats and “I hate yous” and those sorts of things.

Once I stopped the ranting they decided to get to it. Starting with the middle of the room, then clearing out under the beds and starting again.

It’s amazing the things you find under there!

Amazing what you find under the bed

Eventually kinda sorta reasonableish, so off we went. Grumpy dropped Chippie and I off, then took the kids sightseeing.

Just enough to wear them out so they couldn’t possibly finish tidying their room, as they were “sooo tired”!

But managed to stay up to near midnight, playing with trains and lego … and leaving the room in the same state it started this morning.


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