Inanimate Objects

I’ve always been of the understanding that structures like, say, bridges are inanimate.

I mean, I could be wrong. My dad is an engineer, and my maternal grandfather did a whole heap of stuff in relation to the construction of cranes, but honestly, I was never really into that sort of thing …

But still; they’re made of a somewhat solid material; they don’t have the ability to think or move or do stuff; they’re really just there, aren’t they?

Being all bridging (haha, pardon the pun) a gap between one thing and another, or allowing a relatively unhindered flow of vehicles to move along in a direction or two. You know, allowing a heap of traffic to travel in a north-south direction, whilst another heap of traffic (or transport, or pedestrains) to move in a more east-west direction without being splattered.

With the infamous Montague Street bridge being subject to another two (that’s something like 97 or so now) incidents as it just stood there, as it has been for some time, being all inanimate and bridgey, I’m starting to wonder if our society are starting to develop the mindset of buildings, and bridges, and tunnels … oh, my!

You know; inanimate; unable to think, particulary about others; stubbornly refusing to move; and just being there.

Although, bridges don’t really have the capacity to be stubborn, do they? Not budging, because they don’t do that easily, but

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