Inexplicably explicable – or something

I noticed this this evening (some six or so hours after picking the kids up from school):

Just in case you missed it, here it is with a dodgy circle around it so you can see it better:

Yes, a decent sized scratch that starts under his eye and runs to his ear. So, long as well.

“How did you do that?” I ask, a bazillion worrisome thoughts running through my head – typicall “oh my god, my son is being bullied!” because that’s all we ever hear about in the news and around the place.

“Oh. I ran into a tree.”

Further explanation was requested, and received. Sadly, it wasn’t a rough and tumble game, being pushed, tripping over something or even a tree hiding behind a corner that jumped out at him when he least expected it and was so close to it he was unable to stop.

Nope, just a standard sized tree, a large one, that had been there since the day he started school, if not years before, that he’d played near and around for years.

He didn’t see it.

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