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Admittedly, I have been struggling to Life in any sort of reasonable way of late, although this week has been much better than the previous few.

I’m also doing a lot of research for a thing I’m working on, and am confronted rather regularly with quotes of the inspirational kind. I find a comfort in them, but also know they can fill a person with the desire to rip the face off someone who shares them so frequently – and smug-happily. Then stab them in the heart with a blunt spoon.

Thus it was with an element of facetiousness that I posted my most recent Profound Instagram Post, complete with Inspired Insights.

A la …


Life’s Lessons; you can only play with the hand you’re dealt #profound #truestory

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Life’s Lessons: You can only play with the hand you’re dealt

Basically, it was my very justifiable excuse for playing the word ‘farted’, and not that I am really a ten-year-old boy.

It was playing on my mind, because my reality at the moment means I can barely string a cohesive sentence together, much less spout such profundity. I am, indeed, rather impressed.

And there is so much in that first word of a new game (this one with my sister-in-law and owner of six brothers – so she got it).

The fact was, these made up six-sevenths of the letters I was given.

I simply did the best I could with the tiles I had.

I could have played a shorter word … fart, perhaps? Or far or are or red.

But that’s not how I play the game. I like to play the big words. It makes me feel smart.

big words

Farted was the biggest word I could think of in that moment, with the letters I had at my disposal.

It occurred to me that by playing this word, I may offend the other player. Because my mind always goes to how the other person may feel, and I worry that I may upset or offend with anything I do and say.

Welcome to every day of my life … in everything I do, say, and think …

I chose not to care; it is, after all, “just a game” and I was playing according to the rules.

Which could also be seen as a complete fob off and refusal to take accountability for my actions, and the gratuitous use of the word farted. I guess.

The point is, when you have a small selection of letters and the name of the game is to make words that score you points, and the aim is to score as many points as possible, ideally more than the other person, then you do what you have to do.

Farted scored me a whole 20 points, but in another game, I played gombeen and scored 73. That was a good game. I wish life handed me that sort of ease more often than it does … the right tiles, the right layout, the moment of clarity when I thought “hey, I’m quite sure

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