International Women's Day is just like Mother's Day

Today is International Women’s Day. A very important day in the history of women.

The migraine I went to bed with last night is gone, but I’m feeling somewhat blergh.

I managed a walk with a friend- very empowering and caffeinated towards the end of it and came home and did some work that required much brain functioning. Which was interesting as at random intervals bits of my brain would decide not to speak with each other.


I had the added benefit of Grumpy heading off to work with bugger all notice, and being let, alone, with a three-year-old who insisted I watch Thomas the boring arse Tank Engine with him. I read my book instead and let him be a cat all over me. A rather large, cold footed and pointy elbowed cat, but a cat, none-the-less.

Then it was time to walk up to the school, collect other children and listen to them ramble about everything but what I had asked them all the way home. After having yet another facetious remark thrown my way by the eleven-year-old, and something something about Plants vs Zombies when I said “So, again I ask, how was school today?” from the eight-year-old I piped up with

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  1. Thank you for a rip snort of a read! I giggled and could relate to so much, esp where you ask your kids how school was and NEVER actually get a response. Oh, happy days…

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