Into the New Year

Ah, t’is the last day of the year 2015.


To be honest, I really dislike this time of year. I don’t dislike Christmas, for example, nor do I necessarily dislike the ‘party’ that is New Year’s Eve across the globe.

What I dislike is how, for this week between Christmas and New Year is just … dead. Dead from the perspective of being able to just get on with life. Life carries on after people divorce, lose jobs, and die, for example, but that week between December 25 and January 1 the following year (and this year, I’m sure it’ll carry through to the 4th of Jan, given the days that everything falls on), life seems to stop.

I have plans over the coming months, and yes, some could argue they are “new year’s resolutions” or “plans for the new year”. I just wantt o get stuff doneI

And, yes, I guess these plans could be viewed as resolutions for the new year. Or they just could be stuff I plan to do and just happen to fall into the new year, it’s just their proximity to the new year that has them perceived as resolutions or something.

Which is cool. If that works for you, if setting resolutions and having plans and goals specifically for 2016 is what motivates you and ensure they’ll get done, then I’m ALL for that. Serioulsy, if it works for you,

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