Intrepid Explorers

School’s been back two weeks and already we’re having a day off.

ANZAC Day (fair enough really).

Grumpy’s brother rang last night and asked us along to a picnic and bushwalk in the middle of no-where.

Wow, what a fabulous idea. We haven’t done anything like this for so long.

And getting back to nature! Can’t wait. It will be so good for the kids, too, fresh air and all the rest of it.

Well, nature can get stuffed.

Took forever to get there (two vomit stops along the way, thankfully no vomit), huge bang and dent in the (newly fixed) car during the four wheel drive component of the outing. Yes, in the four wheel drive!

Lunch consumed, campfire lit and the intrepid adults set out on the walk, while the kids grumped, whinged and stamped feet to be allowed to be left behind.

The “walk” commenced with a rather long 45 degree incline, which steadily got steeper and steeper – I think at one point it went beyond a 90 degree incline to about 107 degrees.

Its one thing to know you’re fitness levels need improving, and another to have it rammed down your throat.

Several stops along the way, we decided that the view really wasn’t worth four simultaneous heart attacks (each) and we headed back down the mountain.

Coming down, despite the steep decline, was not as easy as anticipated. Due to the steep decline.

Quad muslces worked to their maximum, and slippage was imminent.

Only for me, apparently, as I slid and smacked my bottom on a rock. Well, not so much my bottom as that little tail bone thingo at the base of your spine. The one that really, really hurts when you land on it.

Made it to the bottom and a bunch of kids who were bored and wanted to go home.

On the return journey (stops for coffee and another vomit stop, this one for real) I discovered the bleeding gashes in my leg, due to the blackberry bushes along our walk.

As my heart was near exploding at the time I was attacked by said blackberry bush, I hadn’t noticed the extent of the attack.

The pain was now increasing.

Am now off to soak my aching body in a nice bath. Assuming I can lie on my back – my coccyx is killing me!

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